5 tips to add volume to your hair

How can I add volume to my hair? That question may be on the top of the hair FAQ-list. That's why we used our Inside-knowledge to write down five expert tips so you can create that gorgeous red carpet-worthy volume yourself.


  1. Blow dry in the right direction to create volume 

For volume, you need to help gravity a hand. If you blow dry your hair down, you'll be left with a flat 'do. Instead, blow dry your hair upside down, or even better: use a large round brush. Lift your hair at the roots and wrap small sections around the brush. Aim the blow dryer at it and pull upwards for maximum volume.


  2. Use the right shampoo and conditioner 

Okay, it’s a no-brainer, but we simply can’t leave this tip out. Because if you want volume, you’re going to need the right products to create the right base: products aimed at creating volume. Our Daydream Volume Shampoo and Conditioner for instance, are made to give you heaps of volume that lasts as long as possible. And that's not just a nice sales pitch: the formula is specially developed to deeply clean the hair and to give it that airy, lightweight base you need to create volume. They also contain an anti-pollution formula that wards off free-radicals throughout the day so they can't weight down the hair, making the volume last as long as possible.


  3. Don't apply conditioner to your roots 

A good volume conditioner is a must, but using it in the right way is just as important. So, when using conditioner, stick to the ends. Using conditioner on your roots will weigh them down, thus causing flat hair.


  4. Add a thickening spray to your hair routine  

Help mother nature a hand; not everyone is blessed with naturally voluminous hair. If you're not one of those lucky ones, don't worry, because there are products that are aimed at creating volume. The Date Night Thickening Spray, for instance, will make your hair appear thicker and fuller while keeping it soft and touchable, thus creating volume. Spray it on the roots, blow dry and there you go: a mega volume boost!


  5. Be careful with teasing 

Yes, teasing or backcombing your hair will give you lots of volume, but it also damages your hair. Lots of volume, but no damage: that's our goal when it comes to creating volume. So instead of backcombing your hair, use a styling dust. Our Teaser Styling Dust adds texture and grip, lifts and thickens the hair at the roots, thus giving it a big volume boost. Just like you've teased your hair, but without the damage!


Get your va-va-voom on & turn up the volume: rock that voluminous 'do!

Andy Uffels, Founder van The Insiders
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