Lost in shampoo land? Here’s a little help. From tousled perfection to super sleek and from big voluminous locks to frizz-free curls: whatever your hair type and whatever your hair goal, we’ve got you covered. Define your hair goal and find out which shampoo is your perfect match.


Professional shampoo
Professional shampoo that’s also used by hairdressers; that’s the type of shampoo you find at The Insiders. Does that mean you can’t use them at home? Of course not! Our shampoo can be used like any other shampoo you usually use in the shower. It’s the quality and the ingredients that make the difference. Regular shampoos often contain low quality ingredients and ingredients that can be harmfull, like parabens. Most professional shampoos -like ours- do not contain these types of ingredients. For our shampoos, we’ve chosen formulas of the highest quality and added active natural ingredients to give you the best result and to keep your hair healthy.

Which shampoo is best for my hair?
The shampoo that’s best for your hair, all depends on your hair and your hair goals.

  • Shampoo for curly hair
    If you’re a curly girl, you already know that your hair requires special attention and a special shampoo. Our Bring The Bounce Shampoo is a perfect match for culy hair, since it strengthens the curl and enhances the natural shape.
  • Shampoo for blonde hair
    To keep your icy blonde locks looking cool, it’s best to go for a shampoo with violet pigments that neutralize brassy tones. The Beautiful Blonde Shampoo, for instance.
  • Shampoo for coloured hair
    To keep your coloured hair vibrant for as long as possible, it’s important to use a gentle shampoo that keeps your colour lively. The Stay With Me Colour Shampoo contains the Colour Saver Complex, which protects the colour molecules in the hair, so it’s perfect for you if you’re rocking a coloured ‘do!
  • Shampoo for damaged hair
    A damged ‘do requires some extra love and care. Opt for a hydrating and restoring shampoo, like the Kiss Of Life Shampoo.
  • Shampoo for a beach look
    Does your hair look best when you’ve spend a day at the beach? Want those beach waves every day? Then you’re going to love our Walk On The Beach Seaweed Shampoo. What’s in a name! ;)
  • Shampoo for thin hair
    If you want your hair to look fuller and thicker, a volume shampoo is the way to go. Our Daydream Shampoo is going to be your new BFF!


Shop our shampoo
Ordered on working days before 17:00, shipped the same day, so your new shampoo will be there in no time. Still not sure about which shampoo to get? Send us a chat and we’ll give you personal advice on which one suits you best!