Our story

After years of creating hair styles for models and celebrities around the world, award-winning hairstylist Andy Uffels decided professional looks shouldn’t be exclusive to the runway. Every hairlover should be able to create gorgeous, professional and healthy hair. He brought together a team of experts and that’s how The Insiders was born.

We don’t just call ourselves The Insiders for nothing. All of our products are based on inside information. Every product you see has started as a creative thought from one of our professionals. Co-creation is something we truly believe in, so ever since we started we have been working with catwalk stylists, colour specialists, healthy hair experts, hairdressers and award-winning creatives. We’ve started with a team of experts and we will continue to grow because of them.

The knowledge, skills and experience of those experts is what makes a difference in our products. Our products are divided over six collections, each based on a different end look. Creating beautiful hair shouldn’t be difficult, so even though we offer professional quality products, they are still easy to use. While we’re all about beautiful hair, we also deeply care about healthy hair. Healthy, shiny hair that looks just the way you want to: that’s what we call the Happy Hair Feeling. We promise that with our products, you will experience that exact feeling. And we never break a promise!



Our products

To achieve that Happy Hair Feeling we’re talking about, we believe in balancing nature and technology for ultimate performance. We pack our products with loads of goodies, like essential oils, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. By adding the best natural active ingredients to superior quality product formulas, we can guarantee a long-lasting, professional finish. All our products are cruelty- and paraben-free.

We should also explain something about our product testing because it’s pretty awesome. Every new product we develop undergoes a ruthless testing procedure, carried out by our network of experts. Every creation is tested, refined, tweaked, and tested again. Where other brands are satisfied and go to shelf, we continue the process until every single member of our team is 100 percent satisfied. This is because every product is created by a group of professionals who share a real passion for hair. Do our lab people think we’re a pain in the ass? Yep. But we don’t care. We won’t make concessions on product performance.


Sharing is caring

So, we do everything based on professional inside knowledge. But that doesn’t mean we keep that information to ourselves. In fact, we are more than willing to share it with you. In our opinion, professional knowledge shouldn’t just be for professionals. Whether you’re a hair stylist, hair lover or just a consumer: we think it’s important that you don’t just know you’re using a good product, you also have to know why it’s a good product and how to use it. Knowledge is key for a perfect look and the Happy Hair Feeling.


Our values

And -last but certainly not least- our values. They shine through in everything we do and it's exactly what defines us.