Why do you use a dry shampoo?

Why do you use a dry shampoo?

Always doubting about a dry shampoo or don't know how best to use it?

Here you will find all the answers! There are several reasons why you want to use a dry shampoo. We also give you some cool tips on how to best use the dry shampoo.


  • Firstly, it is a welcome refreshment between washes: Dry shampoo is a super handy product to freshen up your hair between washes. This is useful if you are in a hurry or don't have time to wash your hair completely. It absorbs excess grease and oil in your hair and leaves it looking clean and fresh. Dry shampoo can help extend the life of your look, especially if you have fine hair that tends to get greasy.
  • Time Saving: Sometimes you just don't have time to fully wash and style your hair. Dry shampoo offers a quick solution to keep your hair looking clean and well-groomed without the hassle of a full wash.
  • Volume and texture: Dry shampoo can give your hair a boost by adding volume and texture. It can make fine hair look fuller and give thin hair more body. It can also roughen up your hair a bit, making it easier to create styles like braids, buns, or updos and make them last longer. Apply dry shampoo at the roots and massage it in gently. It absorbs excess fat and oil, making your hair look less flat and lifeless. This results in a fuller look and gives your hair a lift from the roots. It also helps create braids, updos and other hairstyles as its texture helps your hair stay in place better.
  • Matte Finish: If you're not a fan of a glossy look, dry shampoo can help absorb excess oils and give your hair a matte finish.
  • On the go: Dry shampoo is also very handy on the go. It can be carried in your purse or briefcase for quick touch-ups and to keep your hair looking groomed at any time of the day.

It is important to remember that dry shampoo is not a substitute for regular hair washing. It's best to alternate it with regular shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair and scalp healthy as you want to avoid product buildup from the dry shampoo. Check out our bestseller Hustler Texturising Dry Shampoo that is wonderfully refreshing, but also gives a very nice texture in your hair.

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Andy Uffels, Founder of The Insiders
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