The magic of a conditioner: the secret to strong, soft and healthy hair

Have you ever wondered why your hair always looks so effortlessly perfect after a visit to the hairdresser? The answer be due to a simple, yet powerful product: a conditioner. Of course a good cut is the basis for good hair, however a conditioner is like a magic potion for your hair and the most underestimated product in all hair care products. In this blog we take a closer look at what it is, why it is so important and how it transforms your hair.

What is a conditioner really?
Conditioner is a care product specially designed to nourish, hydrate and (mainly) protect your hair by closing the hair cuticle after washing. It contains nourishing ingredients such as oils, vitamins and proteins that improve the health of your hair from the inside out. Many people are looking for conditioners with natural ingredients: products that are gentler on their hair and the environment.

What is the use of a conditioner?
Using a conditioner has countless benefits that you might not consider. It moisturizes and softens your hair, making it easier to comb. It also helps to reduce frizz and prevent split ends. And… most importantly: it seals the hair scales. This not only makes your hair smooth and shiny, but also offers the best protection against heat damage from styling tools and environmental factors such as sun, air conditioning and pollution.

With regular usage, you will notice that your hair becomes stronger and more resistant to daily wear and tear. After months of consistent use, you will notice that your hair looks much stronger, shinier and healthier. With the additional result that your hair becomes a lot more manageable for styling.

Why use after every wash?
During every wash, the hair cuticles open because you want to remove the dirt in your hair. As a result, your hair has to deal with some moisture loss. This is where the conditioner comes into play. By moisturizing and closing the hair cuticles, it restores balance in your hair, nourishes your hair and helps restore the natural shine. Regular use of conditioner strengthens your hair over time, making it less brittle.

If you want to give your hair extra protection or replace the time investment of using conditioner, use a leave-in conditioner. The My Hero Wonder Spray is lightweight and helps to detangle, reduce frizz and moisturize.

Tips for Non-Users and Fanatic Users
For those who have never used a conditioner, it's time to change up your routine. Start with a small amount and gently work it through your hair. Avoid the roots of your hair if you have thin or finer hair. Depending on the type of conditioner, your hair could become a bit heavier, making it more difficult to get volume. A conditioner that is suitable for this type of hair is, for example, the Daydream Volume Conditioner.

For those who always use conditioners, it is good to know that a conditioner should also be used on healthy hair, which you might think is not necessary. By using a conditioner after every wash, you can protect the hair to the maximum and your hair will retain that beautiful quality. It is good to experiment with a conditioner that is specifically tailored to your hair and needs.

For example, there are conditioners especially for curly and coloured hair. There are also conditioners that have a 'bonding system' in the formula. This system restores the broken bridges in your hair when your hair is dry and damaged. Moreover, there are conditioners containing protein, which put more emphasis on strengthening the hair and the others more on moisturizing.

More and more people understand the importance of a healthy scalp in addition to having healthy hair. Some conditioners are therefore specially formulated to soothe the scalp and restore the PH balance on the scalp.

In a world full of hair care products, the simple conditioner is a product that can transform your hair. So, the next time you're in the shower, don't forget to take that extra minute (that's often enough!) to spoil your hair with this touch of magic in a bottle!

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