Curl Crush was created to give you highly defined and healthy curls that are soft to the touch. No matter what curl type you have, these products will not weigh your hair down and will make each curl and wave bounce. That’s because The Insiders Curl Crush products contain our ‘Curl Activator’, a mix of natural ingredients and Mirustlt CP, a curl perfecting styling agent that puts the spring factor into curls. It has exceptional curl memory benefits and holds your waves or curls without any stiffness and frizz.

If you desire defined and frizz-free curls, then you shouldn’t use regular towels to dry your hair; they disrupt your curl pattern and roughen your cuticles, leaving your hair frizzy and flat. Our Curl Coach Anti-Frizz Hair Towel however, does quite the opposite. It’s extremely soft and absorbent and will dry your hair quickly and without friction. At the same time, it supports and enhances the natural shape of your curls.

We can go on and on about the benefits of the Anti-Frizz Hair Towel, but we’d rather let you experience it for yourself! Hence this lovely summer deal: buy two Curl Crush products, and get a free Curl Coach Anti-Frizz Hair Towel to work magic on your curls.  

Not familiar yet with the Curl Crush collection? Let us briefly introduce you to the Curl Crush products.

  • Bring The Bounce Shampoo & Conditioner – The perfect curly hair routine starts in the shower. That’s where you want this duo to join you. This shampoo and conditioner are gentle, hydrating and curl enhancing.

  • Me, My Curl & I Hydrating Mask – Deeply hydrate and renew your curls with this rich and nutritious hair mask. Your hair will feel like you’ve just enjoyed a salon treatment, we promise.

  • Velvetine Styling Cream – A frizz-fighting favourite and bestseller. Rich and silky, yet zero greasy and crispy.

  • Charmer Curl Potion – Your choice of styling product if you like a little more hold and definition in your curls. It will leave your curls lush, frizz-free and shiny.

  • Curl’s Best Friend Styling Mousse – Not your general mousse. This unique mousse is extremely supportive and gives your hair a boost exactly where it’s needed, without the weird stickiness! For voluminous curls that are natural and soft to the touch.

  • Rebound Curl Refresher Spray – A quick pick-me-up for your curls that makes them look like they’ve just been washed. For moisturized, fresh and revived curls.

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