Nuance Your Hair Colour with Colour Masks

Below you'll find a "DIY Guide" for applying a colour mask to your hair, complete with steps and tips. More information about our colour masks can be found below the DIY guide.

Hair Diagnosis

  • Step: Determine your hair type, current condition, and colour. What is your colour wish? Choose a colour mask that suits your specific needs. The colour masks refresh the current colour and give it a nice shine, or they correct the colour. More information about this can be found below this DIY Guide.
  • Tip: Use the colour mask that comes closest to your wish and rely 100% on your own diagnosis. That always works out well.



  • Step: Wash your hair with a Colour saver shampoo and dry it lightly. Gently comb through to remove tangles. Preferably no conditioner, but a leave-in conditioner like the My Hero Wonder Spray can be used.
  • Tip: Prepare to generously apply the colour mask to lightly damp hair for even distribution. So, pat your hair so it's towel dry.


Applying the Mask

  • Step: Put on gloves and apply the colour mask evenly, starting from the roots to the ends. Without gloves is also possible if you immediately wash your hands with soap.
  • Tip: Use a brush or comb for even application and avoid stains on your skin. You can also apply a cream along your hairline.


Processing Time

  • Step: Leave the mask on according to the instructions on the packaging, usually between 5-20 minutes.
  • Tip: Use a shower cap to create heat for a more intense result.


Rinse and Style

  • Step: Rinse the mask thoroughly with lukewarm water and style your hair as usual.
  • Tip: Then rinse your hair with cold water for extra shine to perfectly close the hair cuticles.

These steps ensure an effective and safe application of a colour mask and help you get the most out of your product.

More Fun Info:

A colour mask is a special hair cosmetic product that offers multiple benefits for coloured or natural hair. Below, I explain what each of the mentioned colour masks does for your hair:

Beautiful Blond Mask

  • Purpose: This mask is designed to refresh and revitalize blond hair. It helps neutralize unwanted yellow undertones, resulting in a cooler, more neutral blonde shade. Also ideal for correcting brassiness and achieving a cooler, ash blonde tint.
  • Effect: The result is a brighter, fresher blonde with less yellow glow. The mask also adds shine and enhances natural or coloured blonde tones.


Cool Brown Mask

  • Purpose: This mask is ideal for brunettes wanting to achieve a cooler, ashy tint in their brown hair. It helps correct warm undertones and enhance cooler brown tones.
  • Effect: The result is a cooler, deeper brown that appears less red or orange. This mask refreshes and enlivens brown hair colours, making them look richer and more vibrant. We are proud that Romy Boomsma is such a fan of this mask!


Caramel Blond Mask

  • Purpose: This mask is aimed at enhancing and enlivening warm brown hair colours. It adds depth and richness to caramel brown hair.
  • Effect: Using this mask results in a more intense and lively caramel brown shade, with added shine and a healthy appearance.


Chocolate Brown Mask

  • Purpose: Specially developed for deep, rich chocolate brown hair colours. The mask helps enhance the natural depth and shine of dark brown hair. Also helps enliven matte or dull brown hair.
  • Effect: After use, the hair gets a deeper, more saturated chocolate brown colour, with added shine and a healthy appearance.


Bright Copper Mask

  • Purpose: This mask is ideal for refreshing and enlivening copper-coloured hair. It helps to enhance the brightness and vividness of copper tones. If your hair has turned green from chlorine in the pool, the mask can also work wonders if you let it sit briefly on those sections.
  • Effect: Using this mask leads to a brighter and more vibrant copper colour. The mask  also adds shine and helps maintain the intensity of the colour.


Overall, colour masks are great for both maintaining coloured hair and refreshing natural hair colours. They offer a combination of colour enhancement and hair care, making your hair look healthy and lively. By targeting specific undertones, they can also help with colour corrections, such as neutralizing unwanted shades. Regular use of a colour mask that suits your hair tint and needs can make a significant difference in how your hair looks and feels.

When using these masks, it's important to follow the instructions on the packaging and take into account the existing hair colour and condition. A colour mask can provide temporary corrections and enhancements, but will not offer the same permanent or drastic changes as a hair colouring treatment. Regular use can help maintain the desired shade and improve the overall health and appearance of your hair. The nurturing effect of our colour masks is phenomenal. The quality of your hair visibly improves.

Good luck, and if you have any questions, just email us at [email protected]

Andy Uffels - Founder of The Insiders and Hairdresser of the Year


Andy Uffels, Founder van The Insiders
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