Natural Hair Care a Trend or Here To Stay?

Natural hair care is a way of hair care that focuses specifically on using natural and minimal ingredients to keep hair healthy, strong and radiant. It includes avoiding or reducing the use of synthetic chemicals, harsh detergents and other potentially harmful substances commonly found in commercial hair care products.

Natural hair care is all about harnessing the benefits of natural ingredients such as vegetable oils, butters, herbal extracts and essential oils. These ingredients can treat the hair in a gentle and nourishing way without the annoying effects that some chemicals can have. For example: an irritated scalp or heavy, unmanageable hair.

In this blog, we dive deeper into the topic of natural hair care and share valuable tips to get and strengthen beautiful hair.

The Essence of Natural Hair Care
Natural hair care is vital to the overall health of your hair. Avoiding sulphates, parabens and chemical ingredients can contribute to less damaged, healthier hair and a healthier scalp. And the latter is very important, because healthy hair always starts from the inside.

The Importance of Proper Nutrition
We all know it: nutrition plays a vital role in promoting the health of your hair. Foods rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that reduce hair breakage, stimulate hair growth and nourish your hair from the inside are best to use. If you want to get healthy, strong and radiant hair, it starts here. Do not expect immediate results, but after a few months you will already see a difference.

Hair Products and Treatments
Discover a variety of professional hair products and salon treatments that use natural ingredients such as coconut oil, avocado, aloe vera and honey. Learn how to use these to hydrate, strengthen and revitalize your hair. A good hair stylist can help you make the right choice for your hair. It is very personal, but a general tip is that you read the text on the packaging carefully when selecting a hair product. This basically gives you all the information you can use to make your decision.

The Art of Natural Styling
Try different gentle and heat-free ways to style your hair. From braids to messy buns; discover stylish looks that protect your hair from heat and stress damage. Using a leave-in spray such as the My Hero Wonder Spray is a great way to protect your hair and the result - after letting it dry naturally - looks fresh and airy.

Dealing With Specific Hair Types
Each hair type has unique needs. There are products that solve a hair problem or products that ensure that you want a certain end result. Ask expert advice for taking care of your hair in a natural way. You can go to your hair stylist for this, but of course you can also ask your question to The Insiders via [email protected]. We are happy to give you tips for dealing with specific challenges and highlighting your natural beauty with your hair type. To obtain a certain look or end result, you can quickly and easily navigate our website and search for the right hair product in a specific collection.

The Transition to Natural Hair Care
Switching to natural hair care can take some adjustment, especially if you're used to certain products. Products without parabens and sulphates are nicer for your scalp and reduce the risk of allergies.

In this day and age where our hair is exposed to styling tools, chemical treatments, air conditioning but also constant exposure to environmental pollution, it is more important than ever to pay attention to the health of your hair. Natural hair care is gaining popularity, isn't it wonderful if you have healthier, stronger, shinier hair?

Natural hair care is more than just a trend; it's a "lifestyle" that can transform your hair and scalp. But it does require good advice and sometimes discipline. With this blog as a guide, you can start exploring the benefits of natural hair care. Let us know if you have any questions, we are always there for you.

Good luck!

Andy Uffels
Hairstylist and Founder The Insiders


Andy Uffels, Founder van The Insiders
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