5 Tips how to strenghten your curls



Curly hair can be a wonderful 'feature' for a great look, but sometimes with a few simple tips you can make your curls stronger and keep them in shape. Below you will find a number of tips to activate and strengthen your curls.

1. Start with a well-cut haircut!

A well-cut haircut will help your curly hair maintain its natural pattern. Have layers cut into your hair to strengthen your curls. Go to a hairdresser specialized in curls such as www.salonb.nl or www.risehairlounge.nl or look for others in your area. This ensures that you have a beautiful and healthy haircut.

2.Don't wash your hair too often

Curly hair is naturally drier than straight hair. Therefore, wash your hair only once a week or two weeks, this is enough to maintain clean locks. If you want to freshen up in between, you can do so with a dry shampoo. Washing your hair too often can wash away the natural oils your hair needs to stay healthy and hydrated.

3. Avoid using heat

Heat is the number 1 enemy of curly hair. With too much heat, the curly pattern of your hair can be lost. Therefore, let your hair dry naturally as much as possible and use a diffuser when you use a hair dryer. Curling irons, hair straighteners…better not!

4.Use the right products

Curly hair naturally needs the right products to function properly. Conditioner, leave-in conditioner and styling cream are all products that ensure a healthy and activated curly head. Choose products specifically designed for curls that help retain moisture. Check out your best options here https://www.insidershair.com/en/collections/curl-crush/

5.Don't dry your hair too roughly

Avoid rough drying to reduce the risk of damaging your curly locks. Instead, use a microfiber towel or t-shirt and squeeze the excess water from your hair.


By following these tips you can keep your curls stronger and healthier. This way you always have a beautiful haircut with healthy and activated curls. Are you ready for your Curl Crush?


Team The Insiders

Andy Uffels, Founder of The Insiders
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