Overcoming Hair Loss

Hair loss in women is a common issue with various causes and potential solutions. This blog discusses the causes of hair loss, practical tips for prevention and treatment, and the latest insights in this field.

Causes of Hair Loss

Suddenly noticing more hair in your brush or on your pillow can be alarming. Hair loss can be due to genetics, hormonal changes, stress, nutritional deficiencies, and certain hairstyles.

- Genetics and Hormones
Female pattern baldness, often hereditary, is a common cause. Hormonal changes, like those during menopause, can also lead to hair loss.
- Stress and Physical Changes
Intense stress or physical changes, such as pregnancy or weight loss, can cause temporary hair loss.
- Nutritional Deficiencies
Lack of essential nutrients like iron, protein, or vitamin B12 can lead to thinning hair.
- Hairstyles
Tight hairstyles can cause hair loss by putting pressure on the follicles.

Prevention and Treatment

Here are some general tips for preventing and treating hair loss:

1. Healthy Diet: Ensure a balanced diet rich in iron, protein, and vitamin B12 for overall hair health.
2. Gentle Hair Care: Avoid tight hairstyles and treat your hair gently. Reduce or avoid heat styling tools and chemical treatments. Be cautious with keratin treatments, but rather opt for professional 'bond' treatments, such as our Rescue collection. A skilled hairstylist will also have professional bond treatments available. These are designed to significantly strengthen your hair immediately.
3. Stress Management: Techniques like meditation, yoga, or regular exercise can be beneficial.
4. Hair Care Products: Use mild shampoos and conditioners designed for damaged or thinning hair. Avoid harsh chemicals.
5. Medical Treatments: For more severe hair loss, consider other treatments and consult a doctor. Collaboration with trichologists and dermatologists can also be helpful.

Latest Insights and Developments

Science is constantly evolving in the areas of hair loss and care. Recent studies focus on the role of stem cells in hair loss and the potential of new medications that can stimulate hair follicles. There's also increasing awareness of the psychological impact of hair loss in women and the need for supportive care and counseling.


Hair loss can be challenging, but there are many options for prevention and treatment. A combination of a healthy lifestyle, gentle hair care, and medical interventions can help maintain healthy hair. Stay informed about the latest developments and always consult the team of The Insiders or other health professionals for advice.

This blog provides an overview of the key aspects of hair loss in women, with practical tips and a glimpse into the latest scientific insights. Remember, you are unique; what works for one might not work for another. Experiment wisely and seek professional advice when needed.

Andy Uffels, Founder van The Insiders
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