Beach please: expert tips to create the perfect beach look at home


It's not summer yet, we know... But that doesn’t mean you can’t look like you’ve just returned from a trip to the beach. Who wouldn't want that perfectly imperfect beach look every day? Beach please! With our expert tips you can let the sunshine in and create the perfect UNDONE Beach look all year long.


  Salt spray all the way!  

What exactly makes your hair look so good when you’ve visited the beach? You’ve got the salt in the air and sea to thank for that. Salt is what gives you that texture, volume and enhances your natural waves or curls. Luckily, you can also achieve this effect without getting near the sea. To do so, you can use a salt spray like our UNDONE Dip In The Ocean Beach Spray. There's a very good reason we call this spray your very own beach in a bottle; this spray contains marine salt. Unlike other salt sprays, the formula is enriched with plenty of nourishing ingredients so you can give your hair a beachy, windswept look without that unpleasant rough, greasy, dried-out feeling.

  Encourage your natural waves  

Fact: without beach waves, you don’t have a beach look. To encourage your natural wavy texture, let your hair air dry. Don’t worry if you’re not blessed with that natural wavy texture: the curling iron comes to the rescue! Once your hair has dried, curl your hair with a curling iron like the Tourmaline Ceramic Curler. Make sure to keep the curling iron vertical and don’t wrap the locks around all the way. Keep the top part of your hair and the ends straight. This way, you’ll get those highly wanted beach waves instead of tight curls. And don’t forget to use a heat protector!

  It’s all about texture  

Texture is key to create the perfect beach look. To mimic that beachy structure you get after spending a day at the beach, you need the right foundation for your hair. When washing your hair, use a shampoo that makes your hair appear fuller. The UNDONE Walk On The Beach Seaweed Shampoo gives you that deliciously light, full, windswept hair and natural volume you need for your beach look. To finish the look, add extra texture, volume and grip with the UNDONE Teaser Styling Dust. While adding extra texture, this product also nurtures, softens, restores and nourishes. No dried-out rough feeling beach waves here!

Good hairstyles only happen at the tides? Think again! Shop all of our beach look must-haves here.

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