Wolf Cuts


 What will you learn? 

This is an advanced creative cutting course which allows for more refinement of techniques learned in daily salon practice.

This cutting course will teach students to translate editorial references and fashion trends for salon clients by creating a free hand Wolf Cut.

Each student will work alongside Insiders educators, developing the eye to design modern haircuts, with some freehand cutting techniques.


 In this course you will... 

  • Examine and deconstruct visual references
  • Emphasize skills learned in daily salon practice
  • Expand references with looks for upcoming seasons
  • Learn how to conduct an effective consultation
  • Engage in a hands-on session with multiple models
  • Incorporating editorial influencers in your work
  • Experience an inspirational demo
  • Receive detailed feedback on performance and a customized plan for future development


 What, where, how 

  • DURATION: one evening
  • DATES: Please check your business consultant
  • ATTENDEES: Insiders Salon Network stylists and business owners
  • PRICE: €390,- ex VAT
  • LOCATION: In salon
  • LOGISTICS: Refreshments and meals provided by the salon
  • FORMAT: Lecture, demonstration, hands-on styling, technical guidance and structured feedback
  • TOOLS REQUIRED: Scissor, razor, cutting combs (styling tools, brushes and products will be provided
  • TO PREPARE: Bring 1 model (more detailed information after booking). 
  • EDUCATION BUDGET: Salon Partners can use their education budget


 How to book 

Want to book this course? Cool! Just go to our contact page, state the name of training and we will contact you with further details.