Foil & Balayage


 What will you learn? 

This advanced one day workshop indulges students in the essential fundamentals of The Insiders Foil & Balayage techniques. You will be developing the eye to make tasteful and appropriate choices for any individual with a signature application, while working with the (blends of) The Insiders Colour Masks, similar to make up artistry.

Students will also learn to work effectively with The Insiders Colourboard to create different and advanced high/low lighting techniques.

aEmma will lead this interesting colour day and will share many of her own tips & tricks!


 In this course you will... 

  • Develop the eye to make appropriate colour choices
  • How to conduct an effective Colour Mask
  • consultation
  • The application of effective foil and balayage techniques
  • Examine tones through imagery to inspire and train the eye
  • Engage in hands-on sessions with multiple models, using The Insiders approach to
  • signature application
  • Styling; the finished result will be evaluated on flat brush and round brush blow drying
  • techniques


 What, where, how 

  • DURATION: one day
  • DATES: Please check your business consultant
  • ATTENDEES: Insiders Salon Network stylists and business owners
  • PRICE: €540,- ex VAT
  • LOCATION: In salon
  • LOGISTICS: Refreshments and meals provided by the salon
  • FORMAT: Lecture, demonstration, hands-on styling, technical guidance and structured feedback
  • TOOLS REQUIRED: None (highlight board, styling tools and products will be provided by The Insiders)
  • TO PREPARE: Bring 1 model (more detailed information after booking). 
  • EDUCATION BUDGET: Salon Partners can use their education budget


 How to book 

Want to book this course? Cool! Just go to our contact page, state the name of training and we will contact you with further details.