Product Knowledge


 What will you learn? 

Every single product made by The Insiders is conceived, designed and tested by hand’s- on professionals in the hair industry. Badass hair experts that work with hair all day, every day. Every new product we develop undergoes a ruthless testing procedure, carried out by our network of experts. Tested, refined, tweaked and tested again. Where other brands are satisfied and go to shelf, we continue the process until every single member of our team is 100% satisfied. Do our lab people think we’re a pain in the ass? Yep. But we don’t care. We won’t make concessions on product performance.

In this training students will learn everything about the brand philosophy, how we created the products and we share information on each and every product. Hands on sessions will give you the feel and understanding of how the products work. We tell you how you can also contribute to develop new exciting products.


 In this course you will... 

  • Get to know The Insiders philosophy
  • Learn about all product collections and individual products
  • Discover natural ingredients in the products and what they do
  • Practice with the products
  • Create business value through better understanding
  • Establish a strong foundation for future growth of the brand in the salon
  • Learn about the education formats of The Insiders and the co-creation platform
  • Receive detailed feedback on questions


 What, where, how 

  • DURATION: 2 hours, half day or full day (depending on assortment)
  • DATES: Please check your business consultant
  • ATTENDEES: Insiders Salon Network stylists and business owners
  • PRICE: €0,- for Salon Network Partners
  • LOCATION: In salon
  • LOGISTICS: Refreshments provided by the salon
  • FORMAT: Lecture, Q&A, interactive sessions and structured feedback
  • TOOLS REQUIRED: Pen, paper or Ipad. We will bring our E-learning module and Educati- on Workbook
  • TO PREPARE: Good energy and 3 models to practice what we preach (more detailed info after booking)


 How to book 

Want to book this course? Cool! Just go to our contact page, state the name of training and we will contact you with further details.