Expert advise


 What will you learn? 

A good advice leads to highly satisfied clients. A great advice is a client forever. For you as a professional, it is very important to understand the client’s needs and have enough background information to be able to give a great advice.

Key in Expert Advice is that students will learn to properly interpret the needs of their clients, learn the fundamentals to give great advice, to take initiative and find ways to surprise clients.

A great advice should not take a long time. Efficiency in communication is therefore important to master. Combine efficiency with maximum creativity, flair and self-confidence and the recipe for returning clients is there. It’s an interactive session, so plenty of learnings. 


 In this course you will... 

  • Learn about new consumer and practical insights
  • Practice the process to expert advice
  • Enjoy giving advice and selling products
  • Gain experience by practice
  • Receive all the do’s and don’ts 
  • Master giving the best product advice
  • Build self-confidence
  • Create business value through experience
  • Establish a strong foundation for future growth of the brand in the salon
  • Receive detailed feedback on questions


 What, where, how 

  • DURATION: 2 days
  • DATES: Please check your business consultant
  • ATTENDEES: Insiders Salon Network stylists and business owners
  • PRICE: €950,- ex VAT
  • LOCATION: In salon
  • LOGISTICS: Refreshments provided by the salon
  • FORMAT:Lecture, interactive discussions, roleplay and structured feedback
  • TOOLS REQUIRED: Pen, paper or Ipad.
  • TO PREPARE: Good energy and an open mind
  • EDUCATION BUDGET: Salon Partners can use their education budget


 How to book 

Want to book this course? Cool! Just go to our contact page, state the name of training and we will contact you with further details.