Long Hair & Braiding


 What will you learn? 

This class increases your technical and creative styling skills and some product knowledge. It will cover the latest up-do and braiding trends and ‘must-know’ classic techniques, like; the High Shine Ponytail, Double French Twist, Undone Twisted Up-do and three braiding techniques.

It makes the stylist confident with working with long hair in the salon. This course also improves creativity and customer service at the salon.

Insiders educators will lead this interesting Long Hair and Braiding day and will share many of their own tips & tricks!


 In this course you will... 

  • Get inspired by new trends
  • Engage in a hands-on session with multiple techniques
  • Gain a strong technical foundation through repetition
  • Master the usage of pins, clips and other accesories
  • Master the High Shine Ponytail, Double French Twist and the Undone Twisted updo
  • Master 3 braiding techniques
  • Leave with a significant technical education and creative inspiration 


 What, where, how 

  • DURATION: one day
  • DATES: Please check your business consultant
  • ATTENDEES: Insiders Salon Network stylists and business owners, a minimum of 2 years of hairdressing experience is required
  • PRICE: €590,- ex VAT
  • LOCATION: In salon
  • LOGISTICS: Refreshments and meals provided by the salon
  • FORMAT: Lecture, demonstration, hands-on styling, technical guidance and structured feedback
  • TOOLS REQUIRED: None (styling tools, pins, clips, accessories and products will be provided by The Insiders)
  • TO PREPARE: Bring 1 model (more detailed information after booking). 
  • EDUCATION BUDGET: Salon Partners can use their education budget


 How to book 

Want to book this course? Cool! Just go to our contact page, state the name of training and we will contact you with further details.